How does the free spins bonus work?

Free spins are credited in special situations, for example, for completing a task or as part of a promotion.

Free spins can be used in certain games. Winnings resulting from these spins can be redeemed in the form of an instant bonus or cash.

The free spins bonus has a limited validity period. After its end, the bonus will become unavailable. If you choose to “Decline” the free spins bonus, it will be void. No additional action is required.

Play, pause, carry on

Information about whether you need to earn redemption points will be displayed in the bonus offer window and in the My Stars menu. You will be able to manage your bonuses by selecting “Free Spins”. In this menu, you will also see additional information such as allowed games, expiration date, progress, the need to earn redemption points and the option to pause the bonus.

By pausing a bonus, you pause it. During this time, you can use another free spins bonus, if you have one. You can continue to use the paused bonus at any time, but remember that this does not stop the countdown until its expiration date. Free Spins Bonuses can be used in games specified in its terms and conditions, but only one Free Spins session can be opened at a time.

You can play other games in the desktop or web client (if available) during your free spins session. Games will open in different windows. You can play only one game in the mobile client.

Multiple free spins bonuses

Only one Free Spins Bonus can be used at a time. If you have more than one Free Spins bonus available for a specific game, you can prioritize the bonuses in the Free Spins section of the My Stars menu.

As soon as the current Free Spins Bonus is fully used, paused or expires, the next Free Spins Bonus will automatically become available. If you do not want to use the accepted free spins bonus, pause it and wait until it expires, after which it will be removed.

How to take advantage of free spins

As soon as the Free Spins bonus becomes available in a specific game (i.e. after accepting the bonus), the Free Spins icon will appear in the game window. Click on the Free Spins icon to open the Free Spins widget. The “Play” button in the widget opens the free spins session in a separate window.

This will be indicated by the inscription “FREE” instead of the lines “Line Bet” and “Total Bet”. Winnings resulting from the Free Spins Free Spins Bonus will be credited after all Free Spins have ended as a Casino Instant Bonus or cash, depending on the bonus terms.

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