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Available on PCs, smartphones and tablets, our slot games are a fun and fun way to win big. For decades, they have retained their popularity in traditional casinos, and today you can play a variety of slot games from classic one-armed bandits to modern games with additional features and various online bonuses. Wherever you play, the opportunity to win huge wins will make your heart beat faster!

What is an Online Slot Game?

Online slot games differ in style and theme, and each of them has its own characteristics, bonuses, payouts and jackpots. However, the basic principles are pretty much the same. Having familiarized yourself with the basic concepts and terms of best slot games, you can easily understand any of them.

Balance is the amount in your account.

Reels – slot games with 3, 5 and even 7 reels are available. This is what you spin during the game, and your task is to get the winning combination of symbols that are depicted on the reels.

Pop-up screen (Display box) – information about the won prize, activated bonus, etc. appears on this screen. It will become your favorite part of the screen.

Paytable – this contains information about the slot game. You can learn all the nuances of the game from the value of symbols to special rules and payouts. We advise you to read this section before starting the game.

Payline – Each slot game has a certain number of paylines. Some slot games have a fixed number of them, while in others you can choose the number of paylines you want to play on. Attention! Each activated payline affects the total bet on each spin. The more paylines there are, the higher the chances of winning, but also the higher the bet on each spin.

Stake / Maximum bet is your maximum (total) bet per spin. Each slot game has a minimum and maximum bet, which makes it possible for all players to play, regardless of the balance. The amount you bet affects your potential winnings.

Spin is a button, after clicking on which the fun begins. Click on it to spin the reels and possibly win big prizes!

Autoplay – with this button you can choose how many times you want to spin the reels in a row. You can specify the size of the bet, the number of spins, and in most games you can set a limit on the maximum loss / win, after which the spins stop.

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